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Visit to Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan


Cellusion CEO Shin Hatou, COO Joji Hayashida and CFO Takuya Kaneko visited Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan.

ITRI, established in 1973, is one of the foremost consortia in the world for applied R&D.
To date, it has nurtured 273 ventures, including world-class companies such as TSMC & UMC.
With a cumulative total of more than 20,000 patents granted & approximately 6,000 staff members, ITRI contributes to the development of Taiwanese industry in a variety of fields, including the development of advanced technologies & their transformation into industries.

Through an introduction by our Outside Director, Joyce Cheng of ITIC, we visited Biomedical Technology & Device Research Laboratories(BDL), a part of ITRI, which conducts comprehensive healthcare research & development from preventive, diagnostic & surgical technologies to pharmaceuticals & medical devices.
Dr. Hsin-Hsin Shen, Deputy General Director of BDL, biomedical expert, & we had a wide-ranging discussion about the progress of our business & research issues, as well as the possibility of medium- to long-term collaboration.

From left to right: Cellusion CFO Mr. Kaneko , CEO Dr. Hatou, COO Dr. Hayashida, ITRI Dr. Shen, ITIC Ms. Cheng
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