Development and Commercialization of
Next-Generation Regenerative Medicine Technologies

R&D Policy

Expand Our “Potential” Globally by
Creating Innovative Regenerative
Medicine Technologies

Based on the above policy,
Cellusion will undertake research and development
activities in-house
and in partnership with academic
institutions to develop technologies that will serve as
the foundation
for developing next-generation
regenerative medicines and other products.



Cellusion’s core technologies are centered on the regenerative medicine technologies of differentiation induction and cell culture for producing CECSi cells, corneal endothelial cell substitute from iPSC, which were developed by Professor Shigeto Shimmura (currently of Fujita Health University) and Shin Hatou (Cellusion CEO) at the Department of Ophthalmology, Keio University School of Medicine. Over the medium to long term, we will develop technologies for regenerative medicines that will enable us to create unique value propositions different from those offered by conventional pharmaceuticals based on a patient-centric approach by exploring synergy with related technology fields, such as genome editing and biomaterial engineering.
In parallel, Cellusion will continue to explore fundamental technologies for regenerative medicine, both in-house and in collaboration with academic institutions.