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Cellusion COO Joji Hayashida spoke at an event
organized by the Fukuoka BioCommunity


This event was held on February 22, 2024 at Kurume Research Park.
In a seminar titled “Toward Global Biotech – How to build the organization Cellusion aims to become”, our EVP & COO Joji Hayashida talked about the challenges Cellusion has faced in building the organization, the strategies for overcoming them and the intended path forward.
In a panel session with biotech/healthcare consultant Dr. Kuroda and facilitator Ms. Shito, Fukuoka BIO advisor and president of M&J Company, discussed the need to change the mindset of Japanese startups for the challenging global market.

The Fukuoka Bio Community Promotion Council is made up of industry, academia, government, conducts comprehensive projects that promote community development centered on R&D support, venture development, human resource development, exchange / cooperation, information dissemination, etc.

The Kurume Research Park provides a wide range of services, including R&D support, human resource development, and technical and human exchange, with a broad focus on overseas markets.
In addition, it has a variety of features that support companies growing into the future, such as tenant offices with facilities and locations suitable for a 21st century business base and event spaces open to the community.

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