Cellusion Director and Executive Appointments


Cellusion Inc. announced the appointment of members to its Board of Directors following approval at the 8th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders that took place today.

[Members of the Board of Directors]
Shin Hatou       Chief Executive Officer / Representative Director (Reappointed)
Joji Hayashida     Executive Vice President / Executive Director (Reappointed)
Tomokatsu Hongo  Executive Director (Reappointed)
Toru Seo         Executive Director (Reappointed)
Naonori Kurokawa   Executive Director (Reappointed)
Joyce Cheng     Executive Director (Reappointed)

[Audit & Supervisory Board Members]
Ikuo Mashimo      Auditor (Not re-elected)
Hiroshi Ishiai     Auditor (Not re-elected)
Hiroaki Kobayashi  Auditor (Not re-elected)

[Executive Officer]
Takuya Kaneko (Newly appointed)

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